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This is the homepage for the community building the Filecoin Retrieval Market.

The best way to describe the Filecoin Retrieval Market in one line is as the CDN for Web3.

The content-addressable networks of IPFS and Filecoin are set to revolutionize the way we store and retrieve data. The benefits are countless. As more Web3 companies rely on IPFS and Filecoin to store their data, the research into how that data is retrieved from the networks must keep up.

Check out all the projects and teams contributing to Retrieval Markets below.


🎯 The Filecoin Retrieval Market launches with 1,000 retrieval providers and sub-second delivery of content world-wide 🎯

🚧 Progress charts 📈 coming soon 🚧


Check out the following projects related to Retrieval Markets. We will be adding more shortly.


In Progress

Browser Client

Pay for and retrieve content from a retrieval provider node to the browser.
Browser Retrievals
Data Transport
W3DT Data Systems

In Progress

Indexer Node

How to find which storage provider is storing your CID in Filecoin.
Ken Labs

In Progress


Ensuring Access to Notarized Metadata for nodes in the network.


In Progress


A point-of-presence in the community-powered CDN.
Retrieval Provider

In Progress


A Javascript implementation of the Graphsync protocol.
Data Transport
W3DT Data Systems

In Progress

Web3 Retrieval Client

This client will speak to the indexer node to locate a CID and then retrieve that content.
Retrieval Provider

In Progress

Scalable Multi-Hop Payments

Virtual Funding Protocol and State Channel Manager in Golang.
Payment Channels

In Progress


A Filecoin Retrieval Provider with a payment proxy network.
Retrieval Provider

Learn More

  • Check out this Youtube Playlist from the Retrieval Market Mini Summit in April 2021. The Keynote from Protocol Labs' CEO Juan Benet is well worth watching!
  • To see how things are progressing, check out the Youtube Playlist from the Retrieval Market Demo Days that happen every two weeks.
  • For those looking to get more into the technical details, check out the Filecoin Retrieval Market Spec.


We are always looking for more teams to get involved in this fascinating space. Whether you are interested in, or have begun, a project building a web3 CDN, crypto payment channels, the cryptoeconomics of retrieval, or indexing the content-addressable universe, please get in touch.

To find out more about grants, please visit the GitHub repo for this website and create an issue with the label "grants".

To actually apply for a grant, please create an issue in the GitHub Dev Grants repo.

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or join the Filecoin Slack #retrieval-market channel.


Please join the Retrieval Market Builders Demo Day Meeting, which happens every other week on a Wednesday.

Apart from that, there is currently nothing more in the diary right now, but we are hoping to run another summit before the end of the year. Keep checking this panel for updates!